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Favorite Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2021

What are home interior trend experts predicting for the upcoming year? We have been paying attention so that we could compile this 2021 kitchen remodel inspiration guide. We are noticing clever cabinets, dramatic countertops, and ancillary spaces. 

Our Favorite Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2021

1. Reclaimed Wood

Dark woods have been out of fashion for a while now. White and gray painted cabinets and smooth, shiny surfaces took their place until now. We will soon experience a resurgence of wood cabinetry and finishes, however, the focus will be on reclaimed, imperfect woods. Kitchens will make use of bamboo, driftwood, and wood repurposing for a more natural and sustainable look and feel.

2. Double Islands

Kitchens are trending towards large, open spaces with double islands. Large kitchen tables have been traded in for clusters of stools around the double island. When space is unlimited, double islands help to create a gathering place in the kitchen. Many kitchen remodels include a workspace sink in one of the islands for improved food prep convenience.

3. Well Organized Pantries


If you have an unused coat closet or under stairs nook, consider converting it into an elaborate pantry area. Creating a pantry area frees up cabinets for glassware and stone wear. Rather than cans and other food products being scattered throughout cabinets, everything is organized in one central location. Organizing trends like The Home Edit have inspired painstakingly organized pantries that look like a work of art. 

4. Thoughtful Kitchens

Homeowners are treating their kitchens as works of art rather than the standard utilitarian space. Hand painted cabinets, artisan ceramics, and other curated pieces that serve both function and aesthetics are part of this new trend. The balance between beauty and practicality is being straddled and the 2021 kitchen is a place of thoughtful beauty.

5. Ancillary Spaces

For those who find that their kitchens include unused space, create a useful ancillary space. Mud room areas, personal office spaces, and larders are popular kitchen renovation additions in 2021. Ancillary spaces commonly include a workspace sink and other food prep conveniences. 

6. Smooth Design

kitchen renovation ideas

You will begin to notice an increase in contemporary design with smooth surfaces. Flat cabinet doors devoid of hardware handles and undermount sinks will accentuate a free flow design. Simple, uninterrupted detail is a growing trend for 2021 kitchens. 

If you are planning a kitchen remodel for 2021, keep these tips in mind to create the kitchen of your dreams.