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Buying Guide

The kitchen is where we gather to spend time with friends and family and prepare nourishing meals as an expression of love. That is why remodeling your kitchen and replacing your kitchen sink is so exciting. With so many options, it can become confusing to select the perfect kitchen sink. 

This homeowner's guide to buying a kitchen sink is designed to inform you about your options and enable you to make the best decision for your kitchen.

Kitchen Sink Styles

There are several kitchen sink styles. Each has their own benefits and unique design elements. The four types discussed below are the most common residential kitchen sink styles.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Making clean up easier, undermount sinks are installed from underneath and are flush with the countertops. Most often installed in conjunction with solid surface countertops, undermount sinks provide a clean and modern appearance. 

Workstation Kitchen Sink

If you are a gourmet chef or spend a lot of time cooking, you will love the workstation sink. The ledge design and custom accessories creates a user friendly kitchen workstation to make kitchen tasks and clean up easier. 

Apron Front Kitchen Sink

Also referred to as farmhouse sinks, apron front sinks have a deep sink basin with an exposed front. The apron front design conveniently allows you to be closer to the sink since there is no cabinet space between you and the sink. Apron front sinks add a touch of farmhouse charm and elegance.

Drop In Kitchen Sink

Drop in kitchen sinks are the common sinks offered in modern construction. As suggested by its name, the sink drops in from above and requires clips from underneath to secure it. The sink has a lip that butts up to the countertop for added support. 

Kitchen Sink Size and Configuration

When deciding on the perfect kitchen sink, you will need to consider the depth of the your sink base, the plumbing configuration, and the width of available space for the actual sink. 

  • Single bowl kitchen sink. If your kitchen has limited space, a single bowl kitchen sink will be the best choice. They are large enough for soaking pots and pans, but don't have dividers to take up additional space. 
  • Multiple bowl kitchen sink. If your kitchen space allows, a double or triple bowl sink may bring added convenience to your kitchen. These sinks allow for separate workspaces for prepping, soaking, rinsing, etc. 

It is best to first be clear about the available space and plumbing before choosing a new kitchen sink. 

Kitchen Sink Finishes

Once you have decided on a sink style, the next step is to decide on a sink finish that will compliment the rest of your kitchen and meet your needs. There are several sink finishes from which to choose. We discuss the most popular ones here.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The most popular kitchen sink material, stainless steel is lightweight and durable. They are solid, easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria. They are available in both undermount and drop-in, making them a great choice for any kitchen.

Composite Kitchen Sink

 Manufactured with mixed materials, composite kitchen sinks typically consist of quartz or granite particles mixed with resins to create a beautiful and very hard surface. They are favored in kitchens because they are stain and scratch resistant and offer multiple color choices.

Porcelain Kitchen Sink

If you are interested in a heat resistant kitchen sink, porcelain is a great choice. These sinks are lightweight and coated with stain and scratch resistant porcelain enamel. 

Selecting the right kitchen sink can make a big difference in both appearance and functionality. Now that you have the information you need to make the best possible decision, it is time to choose the sink that it right for you.